Department Chair/Head Resources

Department Chair/Head Responsibilities (pdf)


General Information

Academic Calendar

Payroll Calendars

Work Schedule for 2017 Calendar Year (pdf)



Unit 3 - California Faculty Association (CFA)

Unit 3 Contract (July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2017)

Faculty Handbook

Faculty Salary Schedule (pdf)

Academic Recruitments and Appointments

Professional Growth and Development

Evaluation of Faculty

Evaluation of Department Heads/Chairs

Evaluation of Deans

Leaves with Pay (Sabbatical and Difference in Pay Leaves)


FERP (Faculty Early Retirement Program)

PRTB (Pre-Retirement Reduction in Time Base)

Administrative Time / Assigned Time / OSF

Faculty Visas / H1-B Scholars

Lecturer Appointments

Substitute Faculty

Volunteer Faculty

Summer Term Information


Unit 11 - Academic Student Employees (UAW)

Overview of UAW 2016-2018 Contract Changes (pdf)

Unit 11 Contract (November 6, 2013 - September 30, 2016)

Academic Student Employee (ASE) Description of Duties Form (ASE 101)(doc)

Academic Student Employee (ASE) Salary Schedule (pdf)

Graduate Assistants (GA)

Teaching Associates (TA)

Instructional Student Assistants (ISA)


Other Resources

Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology

Office of Equal Opportunity

Employee Assistance Program

Harassment / Retaliation Prevention

Human Resources

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