Online Evaluations of Faculty- FAQ for Faculty

What is the evaluation period? When do surveys open and close? When do students receive reminders?

For Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters the surveys open Sunday before the last week of classes and close Friday (the last day of classes) at 11:59 pm. Please reference the table below.

  Fall 2021 winter 2022 Spring 2022
Open 11/28/2021 3/6/2022 5/29/2022
Student Reminders 11/30, 12/2, 12/3 3/8, 3/10, 3/11 5/31, 6/2, 6/3
Close 12/3/2021 3/11/2022 6/3/2022

Summer Quarter


1st 5 Week

8 Week

2nd 5 Week

10 Week

Quarter Plus

Student Reminders          

Fall Intersession

(ending --)

fall intersession

(Ending --)

Student Reminders    

When is the deadline to fill out evaluations?

The deadline for each quarter is stated in the faculty email communication sent during the penultimate week of instruction and displayed on the Course Evaluations portlet (see below). For fall, winter and spring quarters, the deadline is Friday (the last day of classes) at 11:59 pm.

Why is my class not being evaluated?

Courses with an enrollment of less than five students and independent study courses are not eligible for evaluation. If you have concerns regarding your courses that are being evaluated, please contact your department.

What if multiple instructors teach a course? In other words, what if my course is team-taught?

For team taught courses, students will receive a separate course evaluation for each instructor of record. Each instructor is evaluated independently.

My course is cross-listed with another department. How do I ensure that students evaluate the course? Which department’s evaluation instrument is used for my class?

Your department is responsible for choosing which courses are evaluated each quarter- these selections are made during the 4th and 5th week of Fall, Winter and Spring quarter. For cross-listed courses, we expect the involved departments to communicate with each other and make the appropriate selections using the PeopleSoft “Class Climate Dept Selection” page. The evaluation instrument of the department that selects the course for evaluation will be assigned to that course.

How can I check which of my courses are being evaluated each quarter?

Starting fall 2017, you will get access to the Course Evaluations portlet (your courses to be evaluated are listed here) during the penultimate week of instruction. This is where you will check that all of your courses that meet the evaluation criteria are queued for evaluation and have the correct enrollment.

I would like to know if my students have responded to requests to evaluate my courses. How will I be able to track my course participation rate?

You may monitor your response rates through the Course Evaluations portlet. Your response rate continuously updates.

How can I help improve my response rates?

Reminding students in class of the importance of evaluations may encourage participation, as may allowing some time in class for students to complete the evaluations.

When will I be able to see my evaluations?

Evaluations are distributed approximately one week after grades are due.

  Fall 2020 winter 2021 Spring 2021

Results Distributed by...


How will I receive my evaluation reports?

Your evaluation results are distributed via the OneDrive. Academic Personnel generates the evaluation reports and adds them to your “LastName,FirstName-Student_Eval_Archive” folder after grades are released. Your department or college will send an email communication letting you know your results are available.

To access this OneDrive folder:

  1. Login to your My Cal Poly Portal
  2. Select Cal Poly OneDrive under My Apps
  3. Select “Shared with me” from the left-hand panel
  4. Find and open your “LastName,FirstName-Student_Eval_Archive”

Will students be able to see my evaluation results?

No, students do not see your evaluation results. This means they cannot see how their peers have reviewed you.

How will my students know the course evaluations are available?

On the opening Sunday, student will receive an email notification from letting them know the surveys are available on their My Cal Poly Portal in a portlet named Course Evaluations. Students who have not completed all of their course evaluations will receive generic reminder emails on Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the evaluation period.

I have students enrolled in Open University, are they eligible to take the evaluation?

Yes, all enrolled students are given the opportunity to evaluate their courses even those that are non-matriculated.

Will students who dropped the class or are not attending the class be able to submit evaluations?

All enrolled students have the opportunity to submit an evaluation even if they are not attending class. The class list is pulled after the census date, which is the end of the 3rd week of the quarter. Therefore, anyone who withdrew after that would be included and given the opportunity to evaluate your course.

Is there a way to tell which students have evaluated my courses?

You will not be able to track individual student responses because the evaluations are confidential. The system disassociates the information that identifies the student at the time the evaluation is completed. Reports generate from aggregated data that contains no individual student data.

May I use class time for students to fill out their evaluation?

Instructors may use class time for students to fill out their evaluations. They should comply with their college’s requirements for how evaluations are conducted in classrooms (e.g., the instructor leaving the room/not present).

Can I control when my students fill out the survey?

You may ask them to wait until a specific day of the evaluation period before filling out your course evaluation but nothing prevents them from ignoring your request. During the evaluation period, students have around the clock access until the evaluation close date and time.

May I provide incentives for students who complete the surveys? What are acceptable and unacceptable incentives to offer in exchange for participation?

Some instructors offer extra credit to classes that exceed a certain response/participation rate. You may not offer extra credit to individual students because knowing whether a particular student completes a survey is a breach of confidentiality.

Will I receive a notice each quarter reminding me of information regarding the online evaluations (open date, close date, # of reminders, etc.)?

Academic Personnel will send an information email from providing all of the details regarding the current quarter’s online course evaluations during the penultimate week of instruction.

Will faculty be able to add their own individual questions? How can I ask extra questions for my personal use?

This functionality does not exist. We suggest you survey students separate from the official evaluation process since the responses would be for personal use only and would not be eligible for inclusion in your PAF.

Who decides the content of the evaluation questionnaire?

Colleges and departments compile the elements of their evaluation instruments. The Academic Senate has mandated (AS-759-13) that all evaluation instruments allow students to offer comments, and that all evaluation instruments include two summative evaluation prompts that are now the last two prompts on every evaluation instrument.

How did we establish the timeline for running the evaluations?

The Academic Senate established the timeline by a senate resolution (AS-821-16). The timeline was established in light of feedback from the Academic Senate, department chairs and heads, college deans and associate deans.

Whom should I contact with questions?

Start with your department and/or college. You may email to reach the Academic Personnel staff.

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