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RPT and Periodic Evaluation Information

For general information regarding faculty evaluations, please visit our RPT webpage.

Interfolio Product Help

Interfolio Scholar Services
Monday-Friday 9:00 am-6:00 pm EST

Contact them at

@interfolio on Twitter

@interfolio on Facebook

Instructions for Accessing Interfolio's Product Help Guides:

  1. Login to Interfolio from your My Cal Poly Portal homepage
  2. Select the drop-down arrow next to your name (in the upper right-hand corner)
  3. Under "Account Options", click "Product Help"
  4. Scroll down and select the card that reads, "Help for Interfolio Review, Promotion and Tenure"


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Click the link for registrar, payroll, work schedule, LWP, periodic evaluation, RPT, documentation and payment calendars.

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Information on applying for an H-1B Visa.

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Visit this page to access Interfolio resources, instructional guides and training dates. For assistance submitting your electronic Working Personnel Action File (WPAF) for a performance or periodic evaluation.

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