Outside Employment

Outside Employment of Unit 3 Employees

On September 18, 2012 the CSU Board of Trustees ratified the successor CSU-CFA Collective Bargaining Agreement for immediate implementation.  The Collective Bargaining Agreement includes a new requirement for all full-time academic year employees who will work more than 110 hours for an employer outside of Cal Poly during an academic quarter are required to submit a completed Outside Employment Disclosure Form each quarter. Similarly, any full-time 12-month faculty who will work more than 120 hours for an employer outside of Cal Poly per three month period (January-March, April-June, July-September or October-December) are required to submit a completed Outside Employment Disclosure Form each quarter. Faculty members who exceed the threshold number of hours specified above are required to report outside employment, even when they are on sabbatical or difference in pay leave resulting in a reduced salary. Additional employment/compensation for grant or contract work through the Cal Poly Corporation, or additional employment/compensation through Extended Education, does not need to be reported.  For more information, please visit the links below:

Outside Employment Memo to Deans (pdf) - 01/10/13

Outside Employment Memo to Faculty Unit Employees Fall 2017 (pdf) - 10/13/17


Outside Employment FAQs - Faculty Unit Employees (pdf) - 01/2018

Outside Employment Disclosure Form - Faculty Unit Employees (docx)


Outside Employment of MPP and Executive Employees

Pursuant to Section 42740 of Title 5, California Code of Regulations, the CSU is implementing a policy that will require administrators to identify any conflict of commitment that would interfere with CSU work assignments and employee performance. Outside employment of a Management Personnel Plan (MPP) or Executive employee shall not conflict with normal work assignments or satisfactory performance. As a result, MPP and Executive employees shall provide the appropriate administrator with a written disclosure statement of all outside employment endeavors. Administrators, executives, and management employees should review and implement the contents of this policy.  For more information, please visit the links below:

Outside Employment Disclosure Requirements for MPP and Executive Employees - Technical Letter HR 2016-06 and Disclosure Form (pdf)






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