University Services and Facilities

Emergency Services

Do not call off-campus resources in case of emergency -- DIAL 911 for emergencies requiring police, fire, or medical assistance. Your call will be answered by a University Police dispatcher. Dialing 911 from a cell phone connects you to the California Highway Patrol who will then transfer your call to a University Police Dispatcher. You may also reach a University Police dispatcher by dialing 911 on any of the “Blue Light” emergency phones located on campus. Remain calm, explain the problem, and give the location of the emergency. Stay on the line until the dispatcher ends the call—they may need more information. Promptly notify your department head/chair of the emergency. For all other calls dial 62281 for the University Police Communications Center.

Emergency evacuation plans are posted in every building on campus. In the event of an emergency, do not use elevators. University Police holds periodic emergency evacuation drills to keep employees prepared for an emergency.

The Cal Poly University Police are officers with the same training and police powers as any police officer in the state. They are certified in the use of the Emergency Medical Dispatch Protocol, First Aid, CPR, and Automatic External Defibrillators. University Police Officers patrol the campus and are on call on a 24-hour basis.

Risk Management

Risk Management is a program within the Administration and Finance Division at Cal Poly. It has recently been reorganized to become part of the larger Contracts, Procurement and Risk Management unit. The management of risk is a priority function of the University to ensure the use of resources for the established program purposes rather than for funding losses due to foreseeable risks. Each faculty and academic support employee has a responsibility to ensure:

  • Risks are identified and analyzed for frequency, severity and impact of maximum possible as well as probably loss.
  • Techniques for prevention, reduction and payment of losses are developed for consideration and are selected and implemented to manage risk without unduly curtailing or modifying activities necessary to the University mission.
  • Implemented techniques are monitored and evaluated to continuously improve the management of risk at Cal Poly.

Within Contracts, Procurement and Risk Management are resources to assist faculty, lecturers, support staff and department heads in managing operation and property risks of the academic program and support activities. University purchase of insurance is coordinated by Risk Management.

Incidents, accidents (vehicle and non-vehicle related), and property damage are to be reported via Risk Management Accident Report Forms by the responsible University employee within 24 hours to ensure timely investigation, claim management and correction of hazardous conditions to prevent additional injury, damage or loss.

Off-Campus Instructional Activities

While activities are vital to the mission of the University, faculty members are reminded to consider the liability risks when scheduling off-campus events. Advanced approvals from the department head/chair and dean are necessary when scheduling any off-campus instructional activity. Pre-travel authorization forms are required for official off-campus events, including field trips, course-related activities and conferences.

Hazardous Conditions

Conditions which constitute safety hazards should be reported to your department head/chair and/or supervisor. Immediate threats to life safety should be reported to University Police (911). Hazardous condition report forms are available from Environmental Health and Safety 805-756-6222.

Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides campus wide information technology resources and services that include shared administrative and instructional applications, databases and servers; computer processing; data, voice and video network services; policy and security development and compliance; and consulting and training on supported hardware, software, and network services.

A data warehouse serves as a central data repository to meet the university’s reporting and data analysis needs. A Web-based portal ( facilitates access to campus online services and resources. Specialized resources are available to design, produce, and deliver technology mediated instructional materials as well as support the use of information technology in teaching and learning.

Other resources include electronic mail and calendar; learning management tools; high-speed network and wireless access; distance learning and videoconferencing facilities; digital video editing systems; media and presentation equipment checkout; on-line tools to facilitate easy access to and retrieval of information from university databases; photo identification card services; site-licensed software distribution; and a centrally-located service to advise faculty on how to access and use these technologies.

For more information, visit the ITS website.

Classroom Technologies

Classroom Technologies offers a variety of media-related equipment and services in support of teaching and learning. Services include:

  • Media equipment checkout to students, faculty, and staff
  • Consulting on presentation and multimedia equipment purchases
  • Mediated equipment in general purpose and specialized classrooms across campus
  • Digital editing, tape duplication, satellite downlinks, video encoding and streaming, including captioning
  • Cable TV and video distribution to classrooms
  • Distance learning classrooms and video conferencing facilities and support
  • Delivery, setup and removal of MDS equipment for on-campus events

For academic classes, SmartRooms and Multimedia Rooms are scheduled through department schedulers. Visit the Classroom Technologies web site for information about scheduling rooms for non-class related purposes. A brief orientation is required before using these rooms.

Visit the Classroom Technologies web site at for detailed information about available services and equipment.

Food Service

With food operations located throughout the campus, Campus Dining offers everything from snacks to full meals to campus-grown produce. Campus Catering is available for special events.

University Store

The Cal Poly University Store is open Monday through Saturday. A full selection of text, general reading, and reference books as well as the latest in computer technology is offered. To order your textbooks and to utilize its custom publishing service, visit their web site at Cal Poly Bookstore.

Rideshare: Bus Service, Vanpools, and Carpools, etc.

Commuter and Access Services

Cal Poly’s Rideshare office helps faculty, staff, and students find alternative methods of getting to campus without having to drive alone. Campus parking is at a premium, traffic congestion in the city has increased, and in the interest of preserving the quality of the air, Commuter and Access Services offers many choices.

City Bus Service

SLO Transit (San Luis Obispo’s city bus service) is substantially subsidized by the University. The subsidized fare allows for current and emeritus faculty and staff, and currently enrolled students to ride the bus at no cost to the rider. A valid Cal Poly ID must be presented to the driver. SLO Transit offers bus service directly to campus and throughout the city seven days a week and travel is not restricted to and from Cal Poly. Bus routes and schedules are available at the University Union Information Desk (Bldg. 65), Commuter and Access Services office (Bldg. 74) or from SLO Transit. Buses are equipped with bicycle racks and are handicapped-accessible.

Regional/County Bus Service

The County of San Luis Obispo operates the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) which has routes between San Luis Obispo, Cal Poly, and cities in North County, South County, and the coastal cities. Most routes arrive directly on campus in time for early morning classes. Buses are equipped with bike racks. Cal Poly has subsidized bus passes for the regional/county bus for both employees and students. Poly riders may purchase reduced passes with a valid Cal Poly ID card at the State Cashier’s Office and Commuter and Access Services. Pass holders are also eligible for an inexpensive emergency ride home.


Cal Poly operates a number of vanpools for faculty and staff, serving cities in south county, north county, and Los Osos to Cal Poly. Employees pay a low monthly fee, depending on the origin city of the van. Commuter and Access Services has specific information on routes and availability for each vanpool 805-756-6680.


A carpool matching service is available to all faculty and staff. Even employees with “odd” working hours are encouraged to contact Commuter and Access Services for possible carpool matches. Carpool spaces have been established around campus for use by registered faculty and staff carpools.


Cal Poly currently has over 2,000 bike racks as well as 90 secure bike lockers available on its campus for faculty, staff, and students who wish to ride their bikes to campus.

Rideshare Registry Program

Employees, who "rideshare" by walking, biking, carpooling, vanpooling, or taking the bus to work, if enrolled in the Rideshare Registry Program, are entitled to receive an emergency ride home if the need arises. Other incentives are also available. For more information, contact Commuter and Access Services 805-756-6680.


Cal Poly encourages employees to find and use alternative transportation. To support the availability of alternative transportation, Cal Poly has fully subsidized SLO Transit for more than 20 years, maintaining zero fare for Cal Poly riders. The University also belongs to San Luis Obispo County’s Transportation Management Association (TMA), “Ride-On Transportation.” As a member of this association, Cal Poly employees are entitled to discounts and benefits such as discount bus passes for travel outside the City of San Luis Obispo, (available for purchase from the State Cashier), free lunchtime shuttles to participating restaurants; and various other shuttle services. The “Guaranteed Ride Home” provides Cal Poly employees living in San Luis Obispo County or Santa Maria who participate in alternative transportation a free ride home in the event of an emergency. Visit or the University Police Department's Commuter and Access Services for more information.

Blood Donation Program

The University supports the concept that those in good health should give blood to help others in need. In cooperation with Tri-Counties Blood Bank, blood drives are periodically sponsored on campus each year. Please call the Blood Bank about dates and times.

Digital Commons

A repository platform for scholarly work created at Cal Poly, the DigitalCommons at Cal Poly promotes discovery, research, cross-disciplinary collaboration and instruction. It holds a centralized digital collection of intellectual output that is accessible and preserves knowledge. Cal Poly’s academic community is invited to contribute completed scholarship.

Disabled Employees Program

The Disabled Employees Program provides funding for reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) legislative guidelines for employees with physical or mental disabilities. Applications to request reasonable accommodations are available in Equal Opportunity Office. A form is also available on the Equal Opportunity website.


Membership in the Retired Faculty/Staff Club is available to all retired Cal Poly employees. Active membership in the Cal Poly Women's Club is open to current non-student employees and retired non-student employees as well as their spouse or widow.

American Express Corporate Card Program

The American Express Corporate Card Program is available to full-time faculty and staff. The program's primary purpose is charging University business and travel expenses. Applications are reviewed and approved by American Express according to their standard acceptance procedures. Cards are issued in the name of the applicant and members are billed at their home address. Monthly billings are scheduled so that, in most cases, the card member has time to receive reimbursement by the University before being required to pay the bill from American Express. There is no annual fee to participants. Cards are not available for spouse and/or dependents. Applications for the cards and additional information may be obtained from Contract and Procurement Services.

Department of General Services

The Contract Section of the Department of General Services (DGS) negotiates annual State contracts and Price Schedules with various vendors. Certain supplies and equipment (e.g., chemicals, drugs, hardware, office machines, athletic supplies, etc.) are on these contracts. The prices are highly competitive and purchases do not require a bid. Copies of State Contracts and Price Schedules are available online from DGS.

When ordering supplies from a State Contract or Price Schedule, make sure to include the contract schedule number on your requisition. Contact Contract and Procurement Services for more information.

Credit Unions

Employees of Cal Poly are eligible to become members of CoastHills Federal Credit Union, Golden l Credit Union, or SESLOC (School Employees of San Luis Obispo County) Federal Credit Union. These credit unions offer members checking, loan services and participation in savings programs.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found service is available at Facility Services (Bldg. 70). When an item is found on campus it should be delivered to Facilities Services as soon a possible. Property that goes unclaimed for 6 months will be sold through Public Surplus with the proceeds going to the Cal Poly Scholarship Fund. The loss or theft of any personal item should be reported immediately to University Police.


The Robert E. Kennedy Library provides a variety of comfortable and attractive environments for study, research, and browsing. The building features an interior courtyard design, open stack accessibility, and individual study stations. Materials which are not available in the Library's collections can be requested from Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery. These can be supplied from one of the twenty-four CSU libraries, the University of California library system, or from other cooperating libraries throughout the United States and the world. More information about the Library’s services, as well as electronic access to Polycat, the Library’s on-line catalog, may be obtained through the Library Home Page.

Children’s Center

ASI Children's Center is a year-round day care program serving children from four months to six years of age, of students, faculty and staff. During the summer, the Center provides a program for school age children called Poly trekkers. Professional staff provide a program rich in activities to meet the social, emotional, cognitive, physical development and nutritional needs of young children. For more information please visit the Children’s Center’s web site.

Recreation Center

The Recreation Center offers several membership options to Cal Poly faculty and staff. A variety of fitness programs and services are available to meet individual needs and interests such as group exercise classes, personal training and instructional fitness classes. Please contact Recreational Sports Membership Services 805-756-6335 for additional information or visit ASI’s web site.

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